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Over 20 Years of Experience in the Jan San Industry...

The Ultimate Range of Janitorial Cleaning and Odor Control Products!
Ultimate Solutions, Inc. is your source for the complete range of janitorial cleaning and odor control chemicals and supplies. We have over 20 years of combined experience in blending, marketing and selling odor control and cleaning chemicals and supplies to the Jan San industry. Our product line continues to grow with odor-control sprays, liquid hand cleaners, foaming hand cleaners, para-based and non-para urinal blocks and screens and quality cleaning chemicals. We believe that customer excellence, premier quality and dynamic value are the key ingredients to our customers' ultimate success. We also provide custom private labeling with minimal start-up orders.
our partner companies
Our partner companies are just as focused and dedicated as we are to the industrial cleaning industry. We work as team to ensure our machines and products are top of the line and of best quality.

Sandia Products has been manufacturing innovative, high-quality janitorial equipment and accessories since 1996. Mercury Floor Machines, Inc. has crafted high durability, high performance floor maintenance machines for over 50 years.

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With sales reps and distributors throughout the country, we aim to provide excellent service to our customers. Use the links below to help us connect you with a sales rep or distributor in your area.


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